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Fund a Pantry

Program expenditures for the Food Pantry Program are $81,000 for all 12 sites. One donation of $6,750 will cover the food and delivery costs for an entire pantry within the HopeNetwork for 1 year. Funding a pantry not only feeds those facing food insecurity. This would also allow HopeNet to increase funds and resources across the network. Fill out the form below to learn how. 

Drive the Hope

Delivery is one of HopeNet's most expensive costs at $38,000 annually. If HopeNet had these costs covered, it could use money and resources to purchase more food options for its community. Donate today to drive the hope for HopeNet. Fill out the form below to connect.

Feed the Hope

Would you like to feed every person in the HopeNet? HopeNet spent more than $35,000 on food in 2022. A one-time donation of this amount would have a life-changing impact on those that rely on HopeNet as its main food source. Ensuring that food is secured for the hundreds of thousands of community members that HopeNet serves. Fill out the form below to Feed the Hope, today! 

Stocks & Securities

Give the ultimate gift of security. Work with the HopeNet Board finance team to donate and manage stock and securities gifts. View HopeNet's financials, here. We will closely work with you and your bank to ensure that your donation's legacy is handled transparently and respectfully. Fill out the form below to start the process.

Payroll Pledge Program

HopeNet can work with you and your employer so that a donation amount of your choice is taken out of your paycheck automatically each month. This donation can be easily managed or canceled at any time at your discretion. Learn more to see if your employer matches your donation. Giving your gift double the impact. Fill out the form below to learn how.

Corporate Partnership

Would you like your corporate agency to collaborate with HopeNet? There are many ways that HopeNet and a corporate partner can work together. Fill out the form below to connect.

Want More? 

Want to partner with HopeNet but didn't see your option? Contact us today! 

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